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Someone asked me on stream last night, how am I going to get around to playing all my games if I'm going so slow with Prey, and my response was to stop playing endless games. There's some games that feel as though they're designed to keep you playing to the detriment of all else.

Y'know what I'm talking about, always online "live service" type games with daily login bonuses and daily quests to keep your attention through force of habit rather than you actually enjoying them. That little bonus or daily can easily tempt you to fire up X game over Y.

And it's real easy, if you don't have huge amounts of spare time to game, for a game like that to consume said time you might otherwise spend playing something else. I often have to make real conscious decisions to not play certain titles, like when I was playing Overwatch.

I think a large part of why my backlog is so dire is that for the like 2 years I was playing Overwatch, it became kinda all-consuming of my gaming time, and I was still buying games I wasn't playing, because OW was too big a draw.

Had to play a few matches and get a lootbox.

There's still games I play out of habit, Vermintide 2 has been one that I've logged hundreds of hours in because it's so easy to fire up for "just one mission" and Armello has been another, often while listening to podcasts. Neither as egregious as Overwatch though.

Trying to consciously break those habits and make an effort to stick with games I'm playing has been terrific, I finished Iconoclasts, both Steamworld Dig titles, and quite a few others this year. I've even picked up older games I played and never finished like Deadbolt.

I think it's been a huge problem for why I often end up abandoning games I've been enjoying, I would often get distracted by those endless titles, enough that I doubt my familiarity with the game I was enjoying and feel daunted by picking it up again.

And this happened with me even before Overwatch. Payday 2 had been the all consuming title for me previous to that, something I had kept putting money into, buying the little DLC packs that constantly coming out, despite not particularly enjoying the game after a while.

I blame my backlog on 2 things. Buying too many bundles because the fear of missing out and not getting stuff that cheap again is a real kicker, and the whole endless game/live service thing consuming what time I did have for games.

So yeah, how am I actually gonna play my games? Ditch the endless, timesink stuff that consumes everything else. I may not get to everything in my library, but it's going a far bit more swimmingly now than it was a while back.

And something else to note, when I finish a game it's often a very satisfying experience, I can think back to games that I absolutely adored and played through with fondness for years. That rarely ever happens with the endless timesinks, they never feel satisfying.

A lot of the time playing games like that feel more like chasing the enjoyment you had when you first played them, and that's a deeply unwholesome feeling. There's a few games that I pumped a lot of hours into that I am resentful of and regret playing.

I can think of games that I've put less than 10 hours into and treasure the memories of, and there's games I've put over 100 hours into that I've just thought "...why?"

Oh, and yeah... I used to play WoW up until WotLK.

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