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35 yo Mark Zuckerberg is now the leader of the largest, most diverse non-state nation in the world and his platform can power commerce, relationships (Tinder etc use Facebook login), money-transfer across geographic and geopolitical boundaries. Of course, old guard is panicking.

2. Beyond powering global commerce Facebook can decide election outcomes, political stability, national security, and even fate of media and journalism in pretty much every country on the planet - think about how powerful Zuckerberg will be in 5 more years.

3. Given how much power Zuckerberg has quietly amassed in 10 years it’s not a surprise to hear that politicians and regulators want to break up his company and rein him in before he becomes unstoppable - ultimately he threatens their jobs the most.

4. Only Mark Zuckerberg knows who will win 2020 US presidential race. With a few taps of his keyboard, he can predict the price of oil, gold and commodities; he can even predict if you’ll get divorced this year, thanks to massive amounts of data Facebook collects and analyzes.

5. Will get interesting if Zuckerberg decides to run for POTUS someday - how will he use that data to craft his campaign strategy and message. Will Facebook suppress other candidates’ messages in newsfeeds?

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