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So I don't repeat myself - I'm bloody tired - here's the situation. Not sure when I get out of here, but my blood pressure needs to be stable. Hopefully Monday, maybe Tuesday. /1

Essentially, I was walking around with blood pressure in 'crisis', to use the doc's words, and was liable to blow a blood vessel upstairs if I didn't do something quickly. /2

So they're trying different drugs with me, seeing what works. The odd injection too. They're good doctors and nurses though, they've been exceptionally kind. /3

When I'm out, my dad will be here. We might take a day or two, then he's going to go back to Luton with me.

Not gonna lie, there's a lot of work to be done following that. Big changes ahead. /4

If I'm not talkative, or seem to be ignoring you, I'm not being an arsehole, I'm just either extremely tired, or trying to untangle a bunch of things that are going on, health-wise and otherwise. /5

I'll be back to my normal self - maybe even better - soon, I've just had a bit of a scare and I'm healing up under excellent supervision.

Thanks for all the well wishes, I'm genuinely touched. /FIN

PS. If any trolls turn up, I'll leave to you folks to tell them where to go. ;)

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