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No, it’s because we advanced past the high school simplification of civics & realize it came about as a compromise with slave states & that it’s toxic institution plaguing democracy. Seeing this nonsense from a Republican who authored “The Death of Expertise” is too on the nose

This is the idiocy they teach in high school. News flash: We’re a democratic republic. Every democracy in the world is a republic or a constitutional monarchy. China, Russia, & North Korea are all “constitutional republics,” but they aren’t democracies

I'd suggest @RadioFreeTom read conservative legal scholar Eugene Volokh on why the United States is both a democracy and a republic. @jbview also had a good essay on how these terms have long had interchangeable descriptions 

This second clause is simply wrong. Dems such as myself have been pushing to end the Electoral College long before 2016. Here's me in 2014 after 3 elections in which Dems had an EC edge. Most EVs were added to the National Popular Vote Compact before 2016 

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