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'Normal liberals' are now right-wing.

You can kick, scream and resist all you want, but just accept the label. 😂

You refused to properly contain the woke progressive loonies who now represent your 'side' and it's too late to go back.

This your own fault, you right-winger you.

If you have a clear, biologically determined definition of 'man' and 'woman' then you are now right-wing.

If you think socialism is bad, you are now right-wing.

If you think racial discrimination against white people is bad, you are now right-wing.

Just accept it. 🤣

I keep seeing people trying their hardest to maintain the 'but I'm a real liberaaaaal' position...

Give up. 'Your side' doesn't like you anymore.

You are right-wing henceforth.

Acknowledge it, accept it and deal with it.

It's not that bad. 😂

Pro free speech?

Against deplatforming and censorship?

Don't think Trump is literally Hitler?

Don't support political violence against your opponents?

Don't think words are violence?

Then you are right-wing.

And this is your own doing.

Oh and if you think that national borders are important and that western countries have a right to determine their own immigration policies then...

You are far right. 😄


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