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Pressley has called Trump “occupant” of the White House and a “Twitter thug”; Tlaib has used the “f-word” for him. Why are we surprised at this inevitable Jerry Springerization of politics at the highest level? It’s only going to get more histrionic. People love it. Buckle up.

2. Since the 90s, the US cable news and entertainment industry sought higher ratings by steadily conditioning the public to snark, insults, sarcasm and hysterical commentary - it was inevitable (with Internet/social media) that this would filter into/takeover national politics.

3. People no longer respond to soaring scripted rhetoric (Obama will probably be the last POTUS to successfully use that) - public now wants instinctive, “authentic” and fighting responses and soundbites - we’ll see more social media fights replace bipartisan legislation.

4. Many people no longer have time to sift through a 20-minute scripted speech or read its transcript - they want to read your tweets to understand your positions and your soul - how will you fight for them? Do you come across as a fighter?

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