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This fact is often overlooked by pundits who say US is reducing its reliance on foreign oil - they fail to account for how other countries and global supply chains that the US relies on to power its economic growth still depend on “foreign oil” (from Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran…)

2. While politicians boast about getting 100% energy from renewables, what they don’t tell you is the cost will skyrocket exponentially, from $49 per megawatt-hour of generation at 50% to $1,612 at 100%.

(assuming lithium-ion batteries will cost roughly a third what they do now)

3. Why does cost of renewables increase with penetration? Unlike fossil fuels which can produce power continuously (albeit at a high cost to environment), renewable energy infrastructure needs lots of expensive batteries to store the power generated.

4. Of course, cheaper and better grid storage is possible, and researchers and startups are exploring possibilities. Form Energy, funded by Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Ventures, is trying to develop aqueous sulfur flow batteries, at a fifth the cost of lithium-ion batteries.

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