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NYT reported two years ago that the White House planned to use CIA to destabilize Iran (in 1953, CIA was involved in a “coup” to replace Iranian PM Mossadegh because he wanted to nationalize oil). Iranian tanker was seized two weeks ago. Iran reportedly seized a tanker last week.

2. Iran has some of the largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world and is blessed with stunning scenery. Nuclear deal struck under Obama raised hopes that relations would be normalized, boosting Iran’s tourism industry, opening up the country to foreign investments.

3. Fall colors in Iran.

4. More jaw dropping views of Iran - and why this place attracted and produced some of the greatest thinkers, dreamers, poets, artists, scientists (and invaders) over the centuries.

5. If we were to go to war with Iran, would we destroy all this beauty? Will the country recover from that? Such a war will likely produce 100 million metric tons of planet warming CO2 and other greenhouse gases including methane (Iran has huge reserves).

6. Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 have pledged a return to Iran nuclear talks if they win back the White House, which could prevent a costly (especially from an environmental perspective) war but it won’t be easy to rebuild trust. 

7. Iranians have been hard hit with the economic sanctions; this has given ammunition to hardliners who argue against talks with US unless economic reparations (tens of billions of dollars) are paid. Would a Democratic POTUS agree to that? (Dem lawmakers are against reparations).

8. 40 years ago, Iran and Israel were in cahoots to jointly develop a missile that could be fitted with nuclear ☢️ warheads. (Iran supplied Israel with $280 million worth of oil as a down payment). Hardliners in Iran want reparations from Israel too.

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