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At least 107 UPS workers in 23 states have been hospitalized for heat illnesses since 2015, according to state and federal worker-safety data and hundreds of pages of documents obtained by @NBCNews.  https://www.nbcnews.com/business/economy/hot-seat-ups-delivery-drivers-are-risk-heat-stroke-kidney-n1031321  (1/4)

UPS does not air-condition most of their familiar brown trucks. On a long hot day of deliveries, the temperature in the cargo area of a truck can soar to 140 degrees. Drivers have recorded temperatures as high as 152 degrees, according to photos and video. (2/4)

Between the heat and the surge in shipping, drivers who spoke to @NBCNews say conditions are getting worse.

"Our workload is increasing and we're still expected to get done faster," a driver in Kentucky says. "I pray every year I don't get a heatstroke." (3/4)

UPS says it does not air-condition its fleet because frequent stops and the size of the vehicles would render air conditioning "ineffective," and that it reminds drivers to drink water, seek shade and report to a supervisor if they feel ill. (4/4) #NBCNewsThreads

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