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"The deal also marks a significant retreat for the White House, which insisted just a few months ago that it would force Congress to cut spending in a range of programs as a way to enact fiscal discipline."

TRUMP today:

“We are I think doing very well on debt, if you look at debt limit, however you want to define that, but we’re doing very well on that and I think we’re doing pretty well on a budget.”

One of the best anecdotes from the budget/debt ceiling talks, via @damianpaletta and @ericawerner:

Pelosi releases summary of budget/debt agreement:

- Debt limit suspended through July 31, 2021
- Spending increased $320b above 2011 caps split equally for domestic and military
- No spending riders/“poison pill” amendments without bipartisan agreement 


CBO score of budget/debt ceiling bill: 

"Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), who made fiscal responsibility a cornerstone of his 2012 presidential bid against Obama, declined to comment Tuesday on the pact or on the GOP’s drift [on the debt]. 'I really don’t have anything for you today on that.’” 

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