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Day 2: Two @SpeakToStrangers stories for today:

1. Went to post office to send care packages to my kids at sleepaway camp this week. Post office employee asked me (after inquiring what was in packages), how old each of them are (12 and 10) and whether I send them the same things

I told her THIS IS THE DILEMMA OF MY LIFE...they actually *like* different things, but if I recognize that, they devolve into a Hunger Games battle over who got the "better" stuff. She said, "I know. That's why I asked." 🤣

2. Technically I didn't actually speak to anyone (and it was really last night), but I went to local convenience store and there was a wallet on the ground next to my space. I turned it into the cashier, who apparently deals with this all the time. No one looked inside.

NBD -- I'm a former LEO so this isn't some major thing -- but I loved imagining the feeling of relief when the owner came back and got his wallet back without anything taken from it. I've had that feeling before. It's nice.

You may now resume fighting on Twitter. 😀

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