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Approximately 160 🐘 were murdered for this haul. It’s very possible that hundreds of 🐘 were orphaned as a result of these murders. And it’s very possible that over 100 herds lost their matriarchs, the oldest members of the herd who remember where the best water/food sources are

2. When an 🐘 matriarch is killed, you are not only breaking the hearts of her herd (seriously), you are leading her babies to be orphaned, & most devastating, you are erasing the institutional memory of the herd. Elephant knowledge is passed down from mother to daughter


3. Elephant herds rely on this institutional knowledge during droughts, it’s what keeps them alive during the toughest times. An elephant matriarch can remember where water and food sources are from decades ago. Places she may have been to just once with her mother.

4. When you kill a matriarch, all of that knowledge disappears and her herd, which can mean dozens of elephants, suffers.

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