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Another thing I'm glad I missed: the latest round of strained justifications of the Electoral College from righties, who would swing around & take the opposite position in a HEARTBEAT if it advantaged them. (See: their positions on everything else.)

Want some proof? @mattyglesias linked to this earlier, but it's really worth reading about what the GOP planned if Bush had won the popular vote but lost the EC in 2000:  https://www.nydailynews.com/archives/news/bush-set-fight-electoral-college-loss-article-1.881690 

They would have launched a massive propaganda campaign against the EC -- and the media absolutely would have taken it seriously and it absolutely would have worked.

And here's the saddest part of the story -- of course it DID come to a contested election & of course Dems were NOT prepared & DID lay down without a fight, allowing Bush to steal the election.

The only unifying feature of GOP rhetoric & positions for the last several decades is tribalism -- whatever works to their advantage, prior positions & principles be damned. And yet we still have to pretend that we're having a substantive argument about the EC.

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