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If you saw last week's congressional questions to Google (and FB+Amzn), you know how disappointing their representative, Adam Cohen's, responses were.

That's why its so great to see @davidcicilline holding Google's feet to the fire 🔥🔥🔥

(PDF source:  https://cicilline.house.gov/sites/cicilline.house.gov/files/7.23.2019_ACAL%20Company%20Clarification%20Requests.pdf )

Ooooo... And check out these "YES / NO" questions also included in the letter:

It would appear the Justice Dept. is following suit, with another investigation into how the big online players are stifling competition:

I get that most marketers who follow my Twitter account are interested in tactics that'll make their job easier, produce results for their client/company, etc.

But I think my responsibility, as someone who's been blessed w/ influence, data, & access is to work on systemic issues

There are many great folks who can highlight a new link building tactic or a better way to analyze log files in Excel.

I think my responsibility's to help stop Google, et al from pulling up the ladder on web creators not lucky enough to be around for the 1999-2014 golden age.

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