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July is on track to become the hottest month in recorded history, climate scientists say.  https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/july-track-become-earth-s-hottest-month-record-climate-scientists-ncna1032846  (1/4)

In July 2017, when the previous record was set, average global temperatures were 2.16°F higher than the 20th century average for July, according to NOAA.

This July is expected to narrowly surpass the average temperatures from 2 years ago, scientists who study climate say. (2/4)

This summer has been a scorcher for much of the world. This past weekend, 169 million people across the US were under heat alerts as temperatures.

This week, another heat wave is expected to hit parts of Western Europe. (3/4)

Unless measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions are adopted, scientists expect records to keep falling.

Scientists say global temperatures could increase by at least 3.6°F this century — creating conditions not seen in more than 2 million years. (4/4) #NBCNewsThreads

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