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#MuellerHearing thread

1. Just saw @ericswalwell come in to listen. Great. Also saw @tedlieu mid-tweet.

Here we go. #DementiaDonald is losing it in a predictable yet enjoyable manner.

These hearings should precede impeachment. Here we go. #Mueller walks in.

Let Us Prey.

Well, maybe @RepJerryNadler is a reader :) he did call him “Director Mueller” and he did say the Judiciary Committee is willing to recommend impeachment. He didn’t use that word, but it’s what he said.

@RepDougCollins misstates the Report totally.

Narrator: the Border was not on fire. Narrator: @paulmanafort is in jail for conspiracy.

Mueller “including members of @mod_Russia

Mueller qualifies that Barr made the report “largely” public. He adds Russia interfered in sweeping fashion. He immediately scotches “no collusion” and also scotches “no conspiracy, saying only “evidence not sufficient”.

That’s not the same as “no conspiracy” at all

Mueller basically says Bill Barr cannot decide Trump should not be charged “it remains OUR (SCO) decision”

As I have been reporting, this means Mueller’s finding was to preserve the right to criminally charge @realDonaldTrump with obstruction out of office. Mueller just laid waste to Barr saying “it falls to me” to decide. Told the Committee to disregard Barr.


And he did NOT REPORT “No obstruction”


Mueller just testified that Barr LIED when Barr said Mueller said he did not only declined to proceed because of the OLC opinion.

He said that IS THE ON,Y REASON he could not prosecute

I think I’m falling in love #MuellerHearing

I owe @DirkSchwenk an apology Mueller does think the OLC opinion says it is unconstitutional to prosecute a sitting President NOT that Mueller agrees with that; he COULD NOT have indicted the President BECAUSE OF THAT OPINION only


BRAVO, BRAVO @JerryNadler! #MuellerHearings

Stop gabbling @RepDougCollins

Collins making Mueller smile when asking if he is no longer Special Counsel

Mueller is too savvy for Collins

This is good from Collins, but of course Mueller scotched his basic point by saying the Report does not state NO CONSPIRACY or NO COLLUSION

Mueller says he established that Russia wanted to help Trump. Entirely scotches Bill Barr’s lies that this did not happen

Literally nobody has any idea what John Ratcliffe just said


John Ratcliffe is triggered and about to cry, somebody give him a Kleenex

Sheila Jackson up. @RepJerryNadler did not start with any speeches or waffling. Follow his example @HouseJudiciary

Now she is getting going. Listing obstructive acts by Trump: Mueller says “yes” “yes” “yes”

Mueller is saying he COULD NOT indict Trump therefore, this is a Referral for Impeachment


Question: “Director Mueller, if the OLC opinion means you *could not have* charged Obstruction, and only Congress can by impeachment, ISN’T PART TWO OF YOUR REPORT A REFERRAL TO THIS COMMITTEE TO DECIDE ON IMPEACHMENT”

Please ASK THIS!

The Republicans are asking the right questions, because they are too dumb to know what they are asking, but Dems need to ask if the point was a referral to the JUDICIARY FOR IMPEACHMENT


Don’t start your five minutes with speeches folks you will waste your time

Steve Cohen gets an answer he should follow up on - Mueller said he had to pass on personally knowing Trump threatened Sessions

Mueller takes a shot at Barr, the AG should work for America not Trump

Ken Starr spoke for Congress when he should not have; Mueller places it in Congress’s lap

The firm that produced it was @OrbisIntl not Fusion GPS who COMMISSIONED it. @RepJerryNadler @AdamSchiff

is lying in #MuellerHearing. Fusion GPS did NOT produce the Steele Dossier. Only @OrbisIntl did this. VERY IMPORTANT. Glenn Simpson and Chris Steele are NOT THE SAME. Democrats should establish this if they can @AdamSchiff @tedlieu @ericswalwell @RepJerryNadler

Everybody try to talk slowly and clearly like @RepHankJohnson - Mueller has not had to ask him to repeat a question even once

Johnson establishing obstruction very very well in terms of McGahn and firing Mueller

Nadler laughing at the idiot who wants to introduce a hit piece to the record

Mueller contradicts this loon “had you talked to @Comey in the last six months” Mueller “HOW BOUT NO” #MuellerHearing


Mueller contradicts this GOP clown; Strzok was already under investigation by @fbi inspector general

“I take your question” causes laughter. I think this must mean “noted” in Congress language

Mueller gives a rare smile to the question “why did @realDonaldTrump want to fire you”? “Can’t say”

scoring here - the President ordered you fired, interference and obstruction

Go Deutch!

Mueller tells GOP questioner he can’t slag off Bill Barr but his denials are not what she expected

“I can’t get into that” not what this GOP woman wants to hear when asked if Mueller had differences with Barr

Gym Jordan @Jim_Jordan kindly establishing that Australian Intelligence was the predicate of the inquiry

Can’t charge a dead man, Jim

Jim Jordan asking great questions FOR THE DEMOCRATS :) #MuellerHearing

Mueller saying that was not false “I don’t agree with your characterization (that Mifsud lied)”

Mueller said it’s “generally accurate” to say Trump asked McGhan to create a false record

Impeachment, right there!

Drunk @mattgaetz reading Bill Barr’s false testimony to an unimpressed Bob Mueller

I’ve said it before. I do not trust Glenn Simpson at all. He is not Chris Steele and he wrote no part of the Dossier

Another fantastic opening with ZERO WAFFLE by @RepJeffries who is wisely slowing his voice

Hakeem Jeffries is carefully establishing that all three elements of obstruction are present in @realDonaldTrump’s acts #MuellerHearing

doing the EXACT “relay race” I hoped they would do. Both thank him for his service

Look @RepTedLieu CRUSHING it as a prosecutor “nexus to an official proceeding” he is getting it all in Mueller is saying yes to everything

WOW @TedLieu best since @JerryNadler by far he clearly establishes Bill Barr lied to Congress - Mueller said that the OLC opinion was ***why*** he did not indict - Bill Barr lied and said that was NOT his reason. Mueller testified it WAS the reason

Mueller bemused by @tommcclintock’s utter nonsense about the troll factory

Bye Tomlicia

This is brilliant @RepRaskin is now on witness tampering. The Democrats are coordinating. It IS the “relay race” I said a successful Dem session would be. Multiple Dems end on “not above the law” “not above the law”

The #MuellerHearing smells like Impeachment Spirit to me

Witness Tampering
Nexus to a proceeding
Consciousness of guilt

Ends on “Nobody is above the law”

Mueller has laid “no conspiracy” “no collusion” to rest

By contrast, whom did @tommcclintock defend? Literally Vladimir Putin. Literally defended @Russia against running the troll farm

yes, Bill Barr did lie. You have it, madam! Also, who exactly is “Mr. Miller”?


@DebbieLesko is completely flummoxed stammering

Yo @GOP @DebbieLesko never ask a question to which you do not know the answer you moron #FAIL

Live shot of @DebbieLesko vs Bob Mueller #MuellerHearing

you are a disgrace to JAG Corps and the United States military

helpfully getting us a hint that Mueller helped with a third FISA extension on @carterwpage

Who is that beautiful Congresswoman who scored the hit then yielded her time @RepLouCorrea, who is going on @genflynn

TY @dawn_westlake that was @RepValDemings and she used her sixty seconds really well. I’d like to hear more on Flynn

You can tell Republicans are failing as they testify rather than question and talk over Bob Mueller’s answers #MuellerHearing

is speaking clearly and is concentrating on the Treasonmeeting. Mueller’s hard no to answering about @DonaldJTrumpJr 5th amendment supports, IMO, my reporting that Don Jr is under sealed indictment :)

Well done sir @RepJoeNeguse. GOP closer @RepMikeJohnson is testifying as he is afraid of Mueller; he talks over Mueller when he attempts a correction

#MuellerHearing the headline @realDonaldTrump did not want

Thank you @RepDean for asking about Barr. It’s clear to me Mueller contradicts Barr and Barr did try to order him on findings. Better get Rosenstein in to impeach Barr too

Mueller again contradicts Barr - no underlying crime is needed for obstruction @RepDMP @DebbieforFL nailing it #MuellerHearing

End tweet: @HouseJudiciary “Nobody is above the law”. @RepCohen says “definitely advances impeachment” in press conference now

There will be a new pinned thread for the @HouseIntel session!

UPDATE: @davidcicilline calling for impeachment hearings right now

UPDATE: my analysis here at the start borne out

“We have a felon sitting in the White House”

Just right now

The Democrats CRUSHED this. I could ask for nothing more. @tedlieu @RepJerryNadler the best in an overall magnificent performance

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