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(Short Thread) When people say the House Democrats are doing “nothing” to hold Trump accountable, I'll just tell them to listen to today’s hearings.

Due process takes time.

I laid out the obvious strategy from the Judiciary Committee hearings here⤵️

1/ The strategy from the Intel Committee was similar:
💠Make clear that foreign interference is an ongoing and serious risk,
💠Show how Trump’s lies and business dealings make him vulnerable to blackmail,
💠Show the extent of self-dealing in Trump world . . .

💠And show that the Trumps and Russians both understood they would benefit financially from their interactions.

In other words, behavior that isn't specifically a crime can still put the nation at risk.

Schiff's finale was epic.

3/ Schiff's conclusion: The many topics Mueller could not and would not discuss mean the inquiries are left to Congress.

What is left for Congress to pursue?
💠Whether Trump or others in his inner circle have been compromised and are vulnerable to blackmail . . .

💠Whether Trump is running the presidency for his own profit instead of the good of the American people, and
💠Whether Trump should be impeached.

I notice that in both hearings, Democrats were careful and judicious in their use of the "I" word, saving it to the very end.

5/ It's coming, people. If the House Dems don't carefully line up their ducks—including making sure they'll have the votes— impeachment will be a disaster.

Disasters always best avoided.😉

I'll make all my notes presentable, and then share them.


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