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According to this lawsuit by AHF, the city is giving "short shrift to the historic significance of Amoeba by completely ignoring the rich and lengthy cultural history associated with this iconic corner of Hollywood." 

Amoeba, a company founded in the Bay Area, opened this LA location in 2001, just after this "historic" building was finished. Amoeba then sold the building to developers in 2015 for $34 million. 

Most of the culturally significant details listed in this lawsuit are about Amoeba's neon and murals as well as its proximity to *other* music institutions like the Capitol Records building. But also... PAUL MCCARTNEY ONCE PLAYED THERE GUYS 

AHF had already filed an appeal with the city to block the new residential tower planned for the site. The appeal was denied in March. 

Also some people still seem to think Amoeba is being “displaced” or forced out. They have known about the residential project and planning for this move for almost three years.

This does not discount the cultural contributions of Amoeba and the many other musicians who have played there. But if its owners honestly believed it should be preserved they probably would have 1) started this process three years ago and 2) not sold the building for $34 million

What's also blowing my mind that this document could have made a very good case for the cultural significance of thousands of performances by an incredibly diverse roster of musicians, speakers, and political rallies that Amoeba has hosted, but it just goes all in for Sir Paul

This interview from March with the Amoeba founder about moving to a new location doesn't sound to me like someone who thinks the current building should be protected. 

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