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This is why @joswinson has tabled a motion for a Vote of No Confidence now, and asked @UKLabour to support it. It’s also why they must.

While the consensus is that EU27 would agree to an extension for a GE, the UK must also request it & agree it. Only the PM can do this.

If there’s a VoNC and no new Govt is formed, (as above), the current PM stays in post until the GE. We have a PM who (at least says) he would not request or agree to an extension.

And, as the @commonslibrary graphic points out, Parliament will dissolve 25 days before the GE date, so, after that, MPs cannot attempt to force the PM to request an extension.

In normal circumstances you’d assume that the PM would put everything on ice and maintain the status quo. Maintaining the status quo though means an extension, otherwise the UK leaves the EU by automatic operation of law (© @davidallengreen) on 31st Oct.

Do you believe Johnson would do this, and request an Art50 extension in these circumstances? I don’t. I think he’d just let the clock run down to No Deal. Even if you don’t think that, are you prepared to gamble on it? Do you feel lucky?

So, IMV, Swinson is right to table the motion now, and Corbyn and Labour must support it now. They already screwed up by not supporting @joannaccherry’s amendment to avoid No Deal, and waiting to table the motion is a colossal risk in terms of timing and the PM’s intentions.

Unless, of course, Corbyn’s strategy is not to avoid No Deal, but to watch as it happens, then try to capitalise on the chaos and pain it would cause for people for his own political gain. Surely they wouldn’t do that though. Would they?

P.S. UK Constitutional/legal experts please correct if I’ve got any of this wrong.

Thanks to @arbie_jones for spotting this thread.

Looks like an incumbent PM could delay the election to beyond Brexit day anyway. It would presumably still be possible for it to force the PM to request an extension as Parl would still be sitting though.

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