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Wikileaks was once a darling of many for “exposing” GW Bush admin’s performance in Iraq post US invasion and was also celebrated for leaking US embassy cables (via Chelsea Manning, who was imprisoned + commuted during Obama admin) in 2010 when Hillary Clinton was Sec of State

2. Following the Afghan War leaks in 2010, the Obama administration asked Britain, Germany and Australia among others to consider bringing criminal charges against Assange for the leaks and to help limit Assange's travels across international borders.

3. Did Wikileaks leaks of US embassy cables and Afghan war leaks in 2010 hurt the Democrats (who lost the House by a massive margin in the 2010 midterms?) If so, should more have been done to curb Wikileaks’ influence as an election meddler?

4. Following US embassy cables leaks and shortly after 2010 US midterm elections, financial institutions like PayPal, Visa and MasterCard moved to choke off payments to Wikileaks (PayPal was later targeted by hackers calling shelves “Operation Payback”) 

5. “With WikiLeaks’ funding drying up — under American pressure, Visa and MasterCard had stopped accepting donations — Russia Today began broadcasting a show called ‘The World Tomorrow’ with Mr. Assange as the host,” New York Times reported in 2016 on Assange’s “Russian ties”.

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