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1. Meet baby Ziwadi!

Ziwadi is the newest orphan to join the @SheldrickTrust nursery. Rangers found her alone desperate for companionship, attempting to latch onto young herdsmen and their livestock. After she suffered an arrow attack, SWT rescued her.

2. Look at the baby in the stable next door trying to stretch out her trunk to say hello to baby Ziwadi! 😍

Learn More: @SheldrickTrust

3. From Ziwadi's keepers:

"Ziwadi came to us deeply traumatized. On top of her visible issues, she also struggled with temporary blindness & occasional seizures. She was very withdrawn and only felt safe in her stockade, taking weeks to muster up the courage to venture outside”

4. “We didn’t give up, nor did Ziwadi. This sweet girl is finally beginning to rediscover the good things in life!”

Learn More: @SheldrickTrust  http://sheldrickwildlifetrust.org 

5. "At last, Ziwadi is fully settled into life at the Nursery. She follows the others around like a shadow and even partakes in some of their milk bottle mischief during feeding times. One sure sign that she’s happy? Her perpetually wagging tail."

Learn More: @SheldrickTrust

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