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(Thread) Intel Committee Zingers

I listed Zingers from the Mueller Judiciary Committee hearing here:

I talked about the Democratic strategy from the Mueller Intel Committee hearing here:

This is long thread (apologies in advance) but I think it's helpful to have these Tweet form.


SCHIFF: Director Mueller, your report describes a sweeping and systematic effort by Russia to influence our presidential election. Is that correct?

MUELLER: That is correct.


SCHIFF: And during the course of this Russian interference in the election, the Russians made outreach to the Trump campaign, did they not?

MUELLER: That occurred over the course of - yes, that occurred.


SCHIFF: In fact, the campaign welcomed the Russian help, did they not?

MUELLER: I think we have - we report in our - in the report indications that that occurred, yes.


SCHIFF: The president’s son said when he was approached about dirt on Hillary Clinton that the Trump campaign would love it?

MUELLER: That is generally what was said, yes.

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