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This week, I went on @KCRW's #GreaterLA to talk to @RadioChio about a group of neighbors who are spending all their free time trying to keep buses and bus riders away from where they live. 

One of the opponents to Metro's new NoHo to Pasadena BRT line said something that kind of blew my mind: “More bus ridership won’t help us."

That's simply not true. Even if you personally never plan to ride the bus, more bus ridership helps *everyone.*

We should be begging for more dedicated bus routes. We should be spending our weekends planting trees at bus stops. We should be hugging bus riders on the street. We should be looking at buses, asking ourselves, hey, what could *I* do to make life easier for people on that bus?

If you’re not literally on board, just be on board with #BetterBusesforLA—and tell your neighbors that better buses are better for everyone.

One last BRT open house is coming up on August 7 and the comment period is now open until August 15. 

Thanks to @tshroutjr who shared this billboard from St. Louis. I'm stealing this line and you should, too. #BetterBusesforLA

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