Bellingcat @bellingcat Award-winning open source investigation. Want to donate? See here: Jul. 26, 2019 1 min read

More cyberattacks against Bellingcat, this time a sophisticated operation against ProtonMail accounts used by Bellingcat and @the_ins_ru investigators working on our Skripal/GRU investigations 

Bellingcat has published a number of articles exposing GRU officers, first back in May 2018 exposing a suspect linked to the downing of MH17 known only as "Orion" as GRU Officer Oleg Ivannikov 

Most recently we exposed the travels of senior GRU officer Denis Sergeev, linked to the Skripal poisonings, through the UK and Switzerland 

Unlike earlier cyberattacks against Bellingcat staff members this appears to be highly targeted and very sophisticated, with ProtonMail describing it as "in the top 1 or 2 per cent in terms of sophistication"

More details relating to this attack will be published later, following Bellingcat for more details.

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