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Important context: Israel, Iran, India, Pakistan and South Sudan have not signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), and so they freely develop nuclear weapons. North Korea withdrew from NPT in 2003 (after ‘Axis of Evil’ inclusion). Iran signed NPT in 1970.

2. So just like Israel, India, Pakistan and South Sudan, North Korea is free to develop nuclear weapons. But pundits often fail to mention this fact, which leads many people to believe that North Korea is violating some major treaty and must be punished.

3. NPT is by some as a conspiracy of the nuclear 'haves' to keep the nuclear 'have-nots' in their place. This argument has roots in Article VI of the treaty which obligates the nuclear weapons states to liquidate their ☢️ stockpiles and pursue disarmament, which isn’t happening.

4. Some countries such as India have criticized the NPT, because it "discriminated against states not possessing nuclear weapons on January 1, 1967," while Iran and numerous Arab states have criticized Israel for not signing the NPT and not facing similar sanctions.

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