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In light of attempts to phish the log in credentials of our researchers working on our Skripal/GRU investigations, here's a thread all about our various Skripal/GRU investigations. cc @mod_russia @russia @mfa_russia @russianembassy 

One of our first investigations involved a request to the public by the Joint Investigation Team investigating the downing of MH17, asking for help IDing "Orion", who we discovered was the GRU's Oleg Ivannikov 

More details of Orion's/Oleg's involvement in the downing of MH17 can be found in our latest MH17 IDing nearly all the individuals in intercepted phone calls published by the JIT and SBU 

Next, to the Skripal case, where we acquired passport data that indicated the 2 individuals identified by British authorities who went on Russia Today to claim they were sports nutrition salesmen were linked to Russian security services 

With this information we were then able to track the movements of the two suspects across Europe using their fake personas: 

Soon after that we were able to confirm the real identity of one of the two suspects, GRU Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga. Chepiga was not only a member of the GRU, but awarded Russia's highest honour, the Hero of Russia medal 

The second Skripal suspect was then identified as the GRU's Dr. Alexander Mishkin, also awarded the Hero of Russia award. Hopefully not for his skills at keeping his identity a secret. 

A third individual travelled with the two Skripal suspects, and we discovered a link between him and another poisoning case in Bulgaria 

We eventually found his real identity, senior GRU officer Denis Sergeev, seemingly the superior to both of the other Skripal suspects. 

We took a short break from IDing Skripal suspects, and ID'd another GRU officer linked to the 2016 attempted coup in Montenegro 

Back to Skripal, we acquired the phone records of the third Skripal suspect, and first tracked his movements in great details through the UK around the time of the Skripal poisoning 

Then, we tracked his movements through Switzerland to a number of locations linked to GRU activity, such as WADA 

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