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So y'all, my dishwasher is falling apart--like, pieces are literally falling off. Gotta get a new one. But here's my beef: the most important feature of a DW is the organization of racks & tines. But they never show you that online! And so bizarrely, it's like the one product...

... in the modern world I don't feel comfortable ordering online. I gotta drag my ass down to Home Depot, because the tines matter, people, and I have LOTS of DW-tine-based opinions. (I genuinely & unironically love loading the dishwasher.) Anyway: dishwasher thoughts/tips?

(Not to go on about this, but ... all the DW review sites recommend Bosch washers -- but every Bosch washer I've loaded has utterly garbage tine organization, like the whole thing is designed so it will only work with one very specific set of plates/bowls/etc.)

Y'all, I just ordered a new dishwasher & I'm absurdly excited about it. My family of 4 loves, treasures, & uses the hell out of our DW, so ... I went big. (I paid substantially less than the sticker price here, but still ... p. big.)  https://www.miele.ca/en/c/dishwashers-2510.htm?mat=10427460&name=G_6625_SCU_AM 

Look forward, after this puppy is delivered & installed, to a long thread of giddy review tweets.

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