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Hey @amazon, I would like to send an email to your customer service dept. I have been looking for an email address on your website for a half-hour, fruitlessly. Why do you hide it?

Thank you to several people in this thread for revealing what is apparently a closely guarded secret: the Amazon customer service email is [email protected] Write an tell them how annoying it is that they hide it.

Hold on, cancel that! My email got returned with, "You've written to an address that does not accept incoming direct e-mails, but we have provided links to help answer some common questions." So we're back to the mystery: what is Amazon's customer service email? Bizarre.

All right, I won't tweet about this forever, but once more, I just want to express how amazing I find it that @AmazonHelp seems to no longer do customer service over email. They didn't announce anything -- just, all CS email addresses vanished. Incredibly, incredibly irritating.

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