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Radio Shack filed for Chapter 11 in 2015/reorg’d with Sprint (its biggest creditor) in 2015 but in its heyday it was more than a store: a school where so many of Silicon Valley’s best minds and biggest hackers went for parts (Jobs, Wozniak, Andreessen, Dell), to learn.

2. "You didn’t really have really good electronics magazines full of what’s available," Wozniak remembers. "You had a few catalogues that were full of things like walkie-talkies, but if you went down to RadioShack you could actually see something."

3. As a teenager Wozniak would walk into stores like RadioShack and soak up information, spending hours reading labels, and memorizing prices and feature lists. It was inside those walls where so many watched the technological revolution unfold — and where they first jumped in.

4. Wozniak built the now-infamous Blue Box, which he and Steve Jobs used to make their own free calls (including a prank call to the Vatican) without interference from Ma Bell. Without RadioShack, there's no Blue Box. And as Woz tells it, without the Blue Box there's no Apple.

5. In 2016, Jeffrey Rodman penned a piece about how he founded a $2 billion company (conference speakerphone system, Polycom, which became ubiquitous in so many companies) with the help of ideas from a 95 cent book he bought at a RadioShack. 

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