Michael Seibel+ Your Authors @mwseibel CEO, Partner at Y Combinator #ycombinator [email protected] Jul. 28, 2019 1 min read + Your Authors

One thing I see amongst young founders is that they often defer to the consensus opinion of their peers. In much of their previous educational experience this was a good strategy for success...

... however in startups this strategy should be used in moderation. Startups are much more like the NBA. Almost no one makes it and your peers often have no better idea of how to succeed than you do...

... Even more tricky, in the early stage startup world most founders are not publicly truthful about how much/little success they are achieving. There is so much cargo cutting going on that it’s hard to separate truth from fiction.

One thing we try to do at YC is build a community where founders can be more open with each other about their actual experience (good or bad).

Also through office hours we take time (if asked) to break down advice from first principles and dig into whether our general advice applies to a specific situation/company.

(Btw - by peers I was referring to other early stage founders)

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