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My friends almost went to this. There are millions of guns in circulation in the nation, most will be used in suicides (gun suicides are 3X gun homicides) and many are in the hands of those who passed background checks. Alcohol is a factor in thousands of shootings each year.

2. I’ve written extensively about the alcohol abuse-depression-domestic-violence-gun suicide/homicide link before and this suicidal man who shot at cops in Laredo after a drunken spat with his wife just two days ago is a textbook case. 

3. Ways to reduce gun violence, domestic violence and sexual assaults: Require stiffer mental health evaluations:
1. As part of gun background checks (most guns are bought to commit suicide - some end up playing a role in homicide)
2. Before alcohol can be sold, esp to gun owners

4. Suicide is the 10th-leading cause of death in the US; nearly 40,000 people kill themselves each year. In more than half of these cases, they use firearms. More people in the US kill themselves with guns than with all other intentional means combined - *some kill others first*.

5. Could better suicide prevention strategies reduce overall gun violence in US? This is something no lawmaker has asked (at least not that I have seen) - instead, most just keep offering the usual pablum of “thoughts and prayers” and closing “loopholes”.

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