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66m people
14.3m in poverty
7m in persistent poverty
2.5m children in persistent poverty
4.5m in deep poverty
1.5m in destitution
1/2 those in poverty in households where someone’s disabled
73% of children in poverty in a h/hold where an adult works

And the Government and other Brexiters have the gall to threaten us with No Deal Brexit.

And Lexiters have the gall to tell us there’s a jobs-first Brexit available.

And ‘moderates’ tell us we have to go through with it whatever.

While every plausible prediction is that No Deal would massively hit jobs, incomes and public finances.

While the Govt itself prepares for shortages and price increases that will harm the worst off most.

While every plausible prediction is that no Jobs-First Brexit exists.

While the EU27 say there is no chance of renegotiating the Withdrawal Agreement.

While Brexit in any form will do the sum total of zero to help the 21.6% of people in poverty in the UK.

And while Brexit in any form will cause more poverty.

And while Brexit in any form will make it harder to alleviate this poverty, whatever the promises.

Instead of dealing with the national shame of these figures; instead of dealing with the disease of poverty that is entirely preventable in a wealthy country; instead of showing some bloody humanity, the resources of government are taken up by this entirely optional farce.

It’s sick. A hideous, immoral, sick trick, played on a population by its own leaders, with the collusion of its own press, and with the acquiescence of it’s own opposition.

They should be disgusted with themselves.


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