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My latest for @thefix:

A brief history of Trump making 9/11 about himself 

2001: Falsely says he has tallest building

2005: Campaigns against 1 World Trade Center

2011: Falsely says he predicted 9/11

2015: Falsely says Muslims celebrated

2016: Blames Bush

2019: Talking to first responders, says he too helped at Ground Zero 

In November 2015, Trump said he predicted the 9/11 attacks (he did not).

“Not that I know, but I watch and I see. … If we took [Osama bin Laden] out we’d have two beautiful buildings standing there instead of one OK building.” 

Trump in November 2015:

“In my book I predicted terrorism, because I can feel it. I can feel it like I feel good location, OK? In real estate.” 

While touting the extension of the 9/11 victims compensation fund on Monday, Trump didn’t mention that his 2019 budget, if passed, would have reduced health funding for 9/11 victims. 

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