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Talking to a friend at <big corp> last wk & gave advice. Today got nice note back (success!). Apparently everyone doesn't know this stuff but is easy. Big co will let you do basically w/e you want *if you are valued.* Ask. If not, you immediately know where you stand.

You have to be prepared to walk away if they say no. Frankly, why would you not (to another part of co or new employer, up to you). You now know you'll never get promoted in your org. Is not about results pure politics at mega corp. They can move the pieces however they want.

This applies to everything (remote work, projects you want to work on, name it). Big companies seem like they have lots of structure and bureaucracy but it's never as serious as it appears. Exceptions are possible *if you're valued* & frankly if you're not you should leave today.

You choose your own adventure in life. You are not oppressed, you're afraid to speak up and ask for what you want. There's slack in job market so it frustrates me to no end to hear stories of people stuck under 3 levels of mediocre management they hate. Get out of that or fix it.

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