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1. Bees
2. Birds
3. Butterflies
4. Beetles
5. Bats
6. Moths
7. Hoverflies
8. Mosquitoes
9. Wasps
10. Ants
11. Flies
12. Monkeys
13. Lemurs
14. Possums
15. Rodents
16. Lizards
17. Humans

These pollinators are all critically endangered. 🐝 💔

If pollinators go, it all goes - climate breakdown and habitat loss:

'as this crisis has unfolded, public attention has consistently fixated on the honeybee — leaving other more vulnerable species to suffer in the dark.' 

Blue agave, the source of tequila, depends entirely on greater and lesser long-nosed bats. The cacti open their long, narrow flowers only at night, luring in the bats with the fragrance of rotten fruit. Both bat species are endangered or near threatened. 

A world without wasps would be catastrophic for ecosystems. ⚠️

Wasps are not only crucial in preventing certain plant forms from extinction; they also play an integral part in protecting farmers’ crops across the planet. 

Human pollinators:

'Pesticide use has led to a drastic reduction in the area’s bee population, threatening the fruit crop. Workers now pollinate fruit trees artificially, carefully transferring pollen from male flowers to female flowers to fertilize them.' 



Homo sapiens


Last assessed

30 June 2008.'

This really should be updated. 

Just for info:

“A swarming army of 100 trillion or more mosquitoes patrol nearly every inch of the globe, killing about 700,000 people annually. Researchers suggest that mosquitoes may have killed nearly half of the 108 billion humans who have ever lived.” 

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