Eric Garland @ericgarland Strategic intelligence analyst. Want to learn more about Trump-Russia? Check out Game Theory Today. Jul. 30, 2019 1 min read

Again, the "Dossier" did not kick off intelligence services into action. #FVEY alliances did when they saw a global pattern of threat like never before. 

It wasn't George Papa. It wasn't the Dossier. It wasn't tweetstorms after the fact. This is the work of intelligence services picking up on transnational organized crime attacking Western Democracy.

Robert S. Mueller III gave a cohesive speech on our current situation EIGHT FULL YEARS AGO.

It will go down as one of the great strategic forecasts in history. 

The current maelstrom is not one of politics, domestic or global. It is one of technological disruption, culture, and the slim window into which organized crime tried to pass, only to leave historic masses of court-admissible evidence.

And now...I believe @FBI @TheJusticeDept @rcmpgrcpolice and others are hiring!

Justice is a growth market. 😎⚖️

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