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1. The absence of clapping and cheering between opening statements is welcome.

2. Senator Warren to John Delaney: "We should stop using Republican talking points."

3. @jaketapper is being pretty strict about the time limits which is also welcome.

4. Agree here, longer response times needed. But I like strict keeping of time.

I would be into a three hour debate!

5. Btw I didn’t expect @TimRyan, who constantly talks about being able to win moderate votes, to be the only one not to place his hand over his heart during the anthem

6. Marianne Williamson is a moderate!

7. Mayor @PeteButtigieg “its time to stop worrying about what the Republicans will say.”

8. Marianne Williamson when she turned on Sanders and Warren just now

9. A lot of time

10. Did candidates not believe that CNN would strictly enforce time limits?

11. Anything on Flint????????

12. The problem is not the moderators, it’s the format.

Did the DNC agree to this format?

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