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Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan: "This isn't about left and right. This is about new and better" #DemDebate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on health care #DemDebate

Sen. Warren: "We're not going to solve the urgent problems that we face with small ideas and spinelessness." #DemDebate

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: "I believe that immigrants don't diminish America, they are America" #DemDebate

Fmr. Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke: "Before we are anything else, we are Americans first." #DemDebate

Pete Buttigieg at #DemDebate

Marianne Williamson discusses reparations at #DemDebate

John Delaney: "There is no reason why people who invest for a living should pay less than people who work for a living." #DemDebate

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