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🧵3.1 THREAD—Why Did Jeffrey Epstein Get Such a Lenient Sentence?

*⃣ Part 3—Ghislaine Maxwell

It has been said that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t attract attention until he started dating Ghislaine Maxwell in the early 1990s.

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3.2 In light of Jeffrey Epstein's recent arrest, Ghislaine Maxwell was quoted as saying that the release of 2,000 pages of correspondence as part of a civil case would lead to a "furious feeding frenzy"... 

3.3...from the media’s “insatiable appetite for any shred of information” could prejudice correct legal processes.

Via @thetimes: The papers were ordered to be released at the request of a woman who says that she was one of Epstein’s young “sex slaves."

I.e. Virginia Giuffre.

3.4 Virginia, whose maiden name was Roberts, described Ghislaine Maxwell’s role in the Epstein crimes as the “madam” of the operation, meaning she procured young girls for him.

3.5 Maxwell was apparently in a relationship with Epstein shortly after she fled from London after her father, Robert Maxwell, died on November 5, 1991.

Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell were spotted together at the opening of MercBar by @PageSix @nypost's Richard Johnson in Feb 1993.

3.6 Robert Maxwell was a publishing magnate who was not only a “superspy” for Israel’s Mossad, he sold PROMIS software to controversial countries & orgs such as the KGB, the mafia, communist countries of the Eastern Bloc & was involved in the KGB coup to oust Mikhail Gorbachev.

3.7 As discussed in Part 2, Maxwell died under mysterious circumstances on his yacht on November 5, 1991. His body was found floating in the ocean at around 6PM. That evening, Philip accompanied their mother, Elisabeth, to the "Lady Ghislaine" where they stayed for a few days.

3.8 That first night, Elisabeth stayed up all night searching for a suicide note. There was none. Elisabeth knew immediately that her husband would be buried in Jerusalem, but she worried about getting Robert’s body there in time.

3.9 Elisabeth wanted him buried in the Orthodox tradition which meant he had to arrive in Jerusalem by sunset on Friday, November, 8, to be buried by Sunday.

3.10 Ghislaine arrived the next morning via Gulfstream while her brothers, Kevin and Ian stayed in London, dealing with the impending disaster of their father’s finances.

🖼️Photo: Getty Images

3.11 What happened next is best described in a passage from the book Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy, written by Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon.

📕Via Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy

Ghislaine emerged on deck, dressed in a skirt and halter top.

3.12 She [Ghislaine Maxwell] walked slowly to the rail and looked down at the massed journalists and photographers. They had come from all over the world, and more were arriving even as she watched.

📕Via Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy

3.13 They only time she had seen such a media scrimmage had been when her father had bought the New York Daily News. They were shouting questions up to her in English, Spanish, French, German and languages she did not even recognize.

📕Via Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy

3.14 She raised her hand, an imperious gesture she had seen her father use to quiten a media frenzy. It worked for her. When there was complete silence, she addressed the throng.

📕Via Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy

3.15 She [Ghislaine Maxwell] gave a concise summary of what had happened and which members of the family were on board. Her elder brothers were in London dealing with their father’s many business affairs.

📕Via Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy

3.16 She could not yet say when her father’s body would be free to leave the island. She gave a little shrug and smile: officials could not be rushed, not even here in Spain. She ended by saying on behalf of the family she would like to thank them all for their courtesy.

3.17 When she had more information she would give it to them. As she turned to leave, a reporter shouted up at her.

‘How did you father die?’

📕Via Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy

3.18 Ghislaine turned back to the rail. She looked down at the reporters. Cameramen zoomed in on her face, sensing she was going to say something important.

📕Via Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy

3.19 In a loud and clear voice, she spoke.

‘I think he was murdered.’

📕Via Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy

3.20 Ghislaine repeated that sentiment in 1997. “He did not commit suicide. That was just not consistent with his character. I think he was murdered.”

Via @ObserverUK

3.21 In a more in-depth interview, Ghislaine reasoned “If he had committed suicide he would have drowned, and he didn’t. You can’t commit suicide and not have any evidence of it…I can’t see my father going to the side of a boat and slipping off the side.

Via @hellomag

3.22 It is not easy to fall of the side of a boat…I am not the only one in the family who thinks this.”

Via @hellomag

3.23 Her brother Ian agreed. “If I say anything about it, I think it is highly unlikely that he would have taken his own life, it wasn’t in his makeup or mentality.” 

3.24 In the days after his death she and other family members visited the location where her father’s yacht was docked in the Canary Islands. The Daily Mirror, one of the publications Maxwell owned, initially eulogized their publisher.

3.25 However, when the news broke that among many of his companies’ financial irregularities, Maxwell had plundered over $1.6 billion from his employees’ pension fund & public companies and was deeply in debt, the editor of the paper declared that the entire family was banned...

3.26...from the newspaper. Moreover, his sons Ian and Kevin were charged with financial crimes (& later acquitted).

The employees eventually received back only about 50% of their pension funds from a combination of Shearson Lehman, Goldman Sachs as well as the British gov't.

3.27 Ghislaine had been on the payroll as the fashion director and reportedly paid ₤100,000/year—even though no one at the paper had seen her at the office more than once.

3.28 Then on December 19, 1991, an AP story came out quoting Daily Mirror senior reporter John Jackson who said he witnessed Ghislaine ordering piles of documents to be shredded by the crew of the yacht. “

3.29 Ghislaine rushed through the yacht’s lounges & cabins…rifled drawers and cabinets, plucking documents from them indiscriminately & throwing them on the ground.”

Via @AP

3.30 Then Daily Mirror Reporter John Jackson continued: “she shouted to the crew, ‘I order you to shred immediately everything I have thrown on the floor.’”

Via @AP

3.31 Ghislaine “totally and utterly” denied the allegations.

Via @AP

3.32 In 1994, Ghislaine's mother, Elisabeth Maxwell, published a version of the events in her autobiography, A Mind of My Own, My Life with Robert Maxwell.

3.33 Elisabeth Maxwell: When they [Ghislaine and the pilot, Captain Brian Hill] arrived, Brian came to see me immediately, offering me his condolences and telling me that Kevin had asked him to return to London first thing the next morning,...

3.34 Elisabeth Maxwell (cont'd)...taking with him all the business papers and documents his father might have had with him on the boat.

3.35 But the AP reported that senior Daily Mirror reporter John Jackson had witnessed the event on November 8, 1991.

3.36 And Elisabeth Maxwell recounts in detail (in her autobiography) how Jackson "one of his most experienced journalists" and photographer Ken Lennox "whom Bob liked" had accompanied her on the trip to Tenerife.

3.37 Ghislaine was Robert & Elisabeth Maxwell’s youngest daughter and many recounted that she was his “favorite.” His prized yacht was named after her: the “Lady Ghislaine.”

3.38 When Maxwell purchased the Oxford United football club, she was appointed a director.

3.39 Similarly, she traveled to New York and made her mark in Manhattan society before her father decided to purchase the Daily News. She was also appointed to a job with the “special projects” team described as "ill-defined." 

3.40 During her childhood, nightly dinners were conducted in 1-2 languages as her mother was French & her father spoke anywhere from 9-11 languages. If his sons did not keep up with the topics at the dinner table, they incurred their father’s wrath. 

3.41 Ghislaine’s mother, known as Betty Maxwell, wrote after his death: “Bob would should and threaten and rant at the children until they were reduced to pulp.” 

3.42 Even worse, The Times (London) reports, “At mealtimes in Oxford, Maxwell questioned his children about world affairs.

In the event of a mistake, the meal was interrupted while Maxwell physically beat the child in front of the others.

3.43 If a comment in a school report was not perfect, Maxwell caned the child. If the meal was brief, he would make one child the scapegoat of his anger.”

3.44 Elisabeth Maxwell, also known as "Betty," reflected, “Perhaps he was too hard on them, but he was teaching them to take life seriously.”

Only Ghislaine escaped the worst of his wrath.

Also via @thetimes

3.45 Ghislaine attended the same school as Kate Middleton, Marlborough, then Balliol College, Oxford, but did not excel at school, becoming more of a socialite, earning the nickname “Good Time Ghislaine” as one of London’s fast, rich crowd. 

3.46 Ghislaine took her friends out for thrilling helicopter rides (she later became a helicopter pilot “to please Epstein,” according to a friend “so she can give the likes of Bill Clinton a ride between houses”)... 

3.47...and attended “the most prestigious events on both sides of the Atlantic.”

🖼️Photo: @NYDailyNews (Ghislaine with actress Nina Griscom at the GM Building

3.48 The Times (London) also reports an incident which occurred on November 5, 1990 which showed Ghislaine’s “dishonesty.”

Although The Times admits she was ignorant of her father’s plot, she was used by her father to commit a very serious crime. (See article posted in 3.41)

3.49 The story goes that Ghislaine brought an envelope to New York, which contained nine share certificates showing the ownership of Berlitz, the international language school, as the shareholders of Maxwell’s public company.

📰Via @thetimes

3.50 “Unknowingly,” she became involved in her father’s plot to steal $200 million from the shareholders. Ghislaine delivered the envelope to her father’s lawyer.

🗞️Via @thetimes

3.51 Hours later, Kevin & Ian Maxwell authorized the re-registration of the shares to a private company owned by the Maxwell family.

📰Via @thetimes

3.52 When Ghislaine's father died, she was 29 years old.

“His death is said to have left her ‘catatonic’ with grief, and it was during this period she set out for New York to rebuild her life.” 

3.53 But Ghislaine recounts that she had moved to New York before her father’s death to help with the U.S. sales launch of The European. Ghislaine said she "was involved with copy, layout, paper, articles, all aspects of a fashion magazine."

📰Via @hellomag

3.54 Another friend went into more detail about Ghislaine’s grief: “She was catatonic. It hit her in a way that scared people. She hit absolute rock bottom, she didn’t stop crying,” says another friend. “It must have been so complicated for her... 

3.55...All the security she had grown up with… She was the life and soul of the party wherever she wanted to go in the world and never had to worry about money.”

3.56 Making a very questionable decision, Ghislaine chose to take the Concorde—which cost ₤2,500 in 1991 and “outraged those Mirror pensioners who were facing an impoverished retirement”—

🗞️Via @Telegraph (See link in 3.46)

3.57...while her brothers were featured in daily headlines as the trials for their father’s companies’ financial crimes were adjudicated.

3/58 Soon after she arrived in New York she became Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend and wanted to marry him at one point, but the relationship reputedly "fizzed out" because Epstein "openly dated other women" among other reasons. 

3.59 Or girls.

🖼️Photo: Jae Donnelly for @DailyMail; Epstein in late 2015 on the streets of New York.

3.60 In the late 1980s, Ghislaine founded the Kit-Cat Club, an all-female club which now calls themselves “The Thinking Women’s Club.” 

3.61 It started as a way to connect women to “ideas and inspirations from the worlds of arts, science, politics, economics and philosophy that they would not necessarily otherwise encounter in their lives and careers.”

3.62 It was named after the original Kit-Cat Club, an early 18th century club in London with strong political and literary ties. 

3.63 Ghislaine became a “fixture” of the New York social scene, appearing with & without Epstein. She hosted glamorous dinner parties on the Upper East Side and attended charity fundraisers.

3.64 But she was photographed and made the papers’ society pages both before and after her father died in November 1991.

🖼️Photos: Richard Corkery, @NYDailyNews; Ghislaine with Skitch Henderson of the "Tonight Show"

3.65 Her father had only been affiliated with the Daily News for a very short time in 1991 before his death, saving it from going out of business. When he died, the paper was held together in bankruptcy by existing management.

3.66 In June 1996, she was quoted castigating novelist Jeffrey Archer’s “Fourth Estate,” reportedly a thinly-veiled biography of her father, even though she hadn’t read it. “Why bother? It’s fiction just like the earlier ‘biographies’ which purported to be nonfiction.”

3.67 She added that it was no surprise that Archer’s Murdoch-like character surfaced as the hero. “[Rupert] Murdoch is publishing his book," meaning Archer's "Fourth Estate."

3.68 She introduced Epstein to many of her friends, including Prince Andrew, whom she met through Sarah Ferguson. In 2000, The New York Post, wrote about Ghislaine having lunch at Nello’s on Madison Avenue, while saying that the Prince was “trying to keep a low profile.”

3.69 In January 2008, The Irish Independent @independent_ie referred to Ghislaine Maxwell as Prince Andrew's "former girlfriend."

3.70 In April 2000, Ghislaine Maxwell was seen having lunch with Prince Andrew at Nello's, a fashionable New York restaurant—and noted "celebrity haunt,"—and seeing playing "cat and mouse" with photographers afterwards, leaving separately.

🗞️Via @DailyMail

3.71 But what set tongues wagging was that diners reported that the couple "held hands as they toyed with lobster salad and champagne cocktails."

But as Richard Kay points out, Prince Andrew was seeing Ghislaine's friend, Emma Gibbs & the "couple" claimed they were platonic.

3.72 Ghislaine met Sarah Ferguson—either in 2003 or some time before that—who eventually introduced her to Prince Andrew at least 10 years ago.

🖼️They were photographed together at the Asprey Flagship Store opening in December 2003.

🖼️Photo: Mark Mainz/Getty Images

3.73 Epstein got further entwined with Britain's royal family when he paid back part of Ferguson debt, paying $24,000 to her former assistant Johnny O'Sullivan.

This probably happened in 2005, going by notes seized from Epstein's estate by Palm Beach police in 2005.

3.74 The note in question—dated January 25, 2005—with Ferguson's mobile number says "HRH Duchess of York Sarah (Fergie) expecting your call." 

3.75 Ferguson apologized for taking money to pay off her debts in 2011 in an interview with the London Evening Standard.

"I personally, on behalf of myself, deeply regret that Jeffrey Epstein became involved in any way with me," Ferguson said. 

3.76 Ferguson (cont'd): "I abhor pedophilia & any sexual abuse of children & know that this was a gigantic error of judgment on my behalf. I am just so contrite I cannot say. Whenever I can, I will repay the money & will have nothing ever to do with Jeffrey Epstein ever again."

3.73 In any case, Ghislaine was the connection between Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew.

📞Epstein had 16 numbers for Prince Andrew & many for Ferguson as well in his "little black book." (See Part 1 for more information on that.)

3.74 In 2000, Epstein & Ghislaine attended the Queen's birthday party and were pictured at a pheasant shoot at the royal estate in Sandringham with Maxwell. 

3.75 🖼️LEFT: Photo: Jae Donnelly; taken in NYC's Central Park in 2011.

🖼️RIGHT: Photo: Albanpix/Rex Features; Ghislaine with Epstein in 2000 at Sandringham in Norfolk, England, a 20,000-acre estate owned by Queen Elizabeth, presumably that was the Queen's birthday celebration.

3.76 On September 2, 2000, Prince Andrew attended the wedding of his ex-girlfriend (of 10 months), Aurelia Cecil to Rupert Stephenson near Salisbury.

🖼️Ghislaine Maxwell was his date, but they were rarely photographed together.

3.77 🖼️Photo top left: Richard Young/Rex Features

🖼️Top Right: Daily Mail

🖼️Bottom Left: Stewart Mark / Camera Press

🖼️Bottom Right: Michael Thomas via Daily Mail

3.78 Later that year in October, Ghislaine took her friend Andrew to Heidi Klum’s “Hookers and Pimps” themed Halloween party and he was awkwardly photographed next to Klum in full S&M garb.


3.79 Prince Andrew was also photographed next to Ghislaine Maxwell that evening, who was wearing a blonde wig that night. 

3.80 Then in 2001, Prince Andrew was photographed surrounded by topless women on a yacht in Phuket, Thailand with Jeffrey Epstein. 

3.81 Via @DailyMail: It is known Epstein and Andrew regularly holidayed together – from weekends at Balmoral and Sandringham, to trips to New York.

Epstein was, the source told The Times, ‘a big part of [Andrew’s] life’...

3.82 Via @DailyMail (cont'd)...– and pictures of the Duke surrounded by women thanks to the financier seem to have been par for the course.

‘It would always be, “Epstein is in town with the girls”, and everyone would raise their eyes to heaven and move on,’ the source said.

3.83 Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein's victims, had been sent to Thailand in 2003 (when she turned 19 and was too old for Epstein) to take a massage class by Epstein, but was supposed to return with a Thai girl Epstein had arranged to come to the U.S. 

3.84 Giuffre—then Roberts—never picked up the Thai girl as instructed, but met a man who she eventually married and moved to Australia with him.

3.85 In August 1996, when Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested for "drink driving," on Fulham Road in London, she invited her arresting officers in for tea and biscuits, then let them "flick through the family photographs at her brother's home."

3.86 However, she admitted to driving drunk and paid a £1,000 fine, £75 in costs and a year's driving ban—that part not being a stiff sentence since she was visiting her brother while living in New York.

3.87 In 2003, Vicky Ward wrote a feature on Jeffrey Epstein where he referred to Ghislaine as a “friend” and said she was not on his payroll. According to “Filthy Rich” by James Patterson, Ward's piece was altered after Epstein visited her editor.

3.88 In her blog, Ward declared about Ghislaine: like most people in New York “I like her” and described her: “She is always the most interesting, the most vivacious, the most unusual person in any room.” 

3.89 Ward also wrote a twitter thread about the handling of her Vanity Fair story.

3.90 In addition to getting her helicopter pilot’s license, Ghislaine can reportedly ‘pilot a submarine,’ deep sea dive (I started diving when I was nine,” then “realized I was going to dedicate the rest of my life to... 

3.91...taking an involvement with and bringing an education around the ocean”) and competed in Alaska’s Iditarod dog sled race. 

3.92 Ghislaine Maxwell's degree is in marine biology, she has trained as a paramedic and has accompanied others on Arctic missions. She also started her own nonprofit organization called the TerraMar Project.

3.93 TerraMar Project's mission was “to educate and inspire a global community to promote awareness , transparency and responsibility for the Ocean.” She counted Sir Richard Branson and Lord Mandelson as contributors to her nonprofit organization.

🔗See link in 3.90

3.94 However, there was announcement on the webpage in late July 2019: "The TerraMar Project is sad to announce that it will cease all operations." 

3.95 Bill Clinton was still among her friends in 2010: she attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in Rhinebeck, New York that summer.

🖼️Photo: Getty Images

3.96 And that was controversial as well, since she had told attorneys that she had to return to the U.K. to attend to her “deathly ill” mother in order to avoid answering questions about the Jeffrey Epstein-related allegations.

👉Elisabeth Maxwell died on August 7, 2013.

3.97 Because she consistently supported others’ charities, Ghislaine was photographed with a lot of well-known figures from the worlds of business, politics, fashion and entertainment.

🖼️Photo: Rex Features via @DailyMail; With Rupert Murdock 2010

3.98 For instance, former New York Mayor & CEO of Bloomberg L.P. Michael Bloomberg, Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon, Rupert Murdoch (her father’s nemesis when he was alive), Charlie Rose, Elon Musk, Calvin Klein, Tory Burch, Andre Balazs, among many others.

Photo: BFA, 2013

3.99 🖼️Photo: Patrick McMullan, Getty Images; with Charlie Rose in 2009

🖼️Photo: Kevin Mazur, Getty Images; with Elon Musk in 2014

3.100🖼️Photo: Patrick McMullan, Getty Images; with Andre Balazs in 2008

🖼️Photo: Patrick McMullan, Getty Images; with Calvin Klein (standing) and real estate tycoon Aby Rosen (sitting) in 2009

3.101 With all these enviable contacts and her social standing, it appears as if Ghislaine inherited her father’s charm and ability to network and gain access to important people without much effort.

🖼️Photo: Rex Features

3.102 Her father’s death revealed a major financial scandal and her family was burdened with lawsuits and debt and it was difficult for her to live in London with this infamy.

🖼️Photo: Rex Features via @Independent

3.103 It was rumored that she wore a disguise during that period of time, but it appeared that she recovered very quickly once landing in the United States where the scandal was not as well-known.

🖼️Photo: Jimi Celeste

3.104 She owned a townhouse in London in the early 2000s and had no problems keeping up with the millionaires and billionaires that she socialized with; many of whom do not seem to care about the Epstein scandal.

Why wasn’t she a pariah?

🖼️Photo: Ian Maxwell

3.105 Exactly where did Ghislaine’s money come from to survive on this high level of living? Her father reportedly left her a £80,000 annual trust fund to live off of, but she denies this.

🖼️Photo: Alan Davidson/Shutterstock; Ghislaine with British artist Alison Jackson

3.106 You can be gifted houses, but you have to maintain the properties and the taxes. It’s the same for cars and helicopters.

Additionally, living in New York and Palm Beach, hiring attorneys, press agents, settlements: these all cost a lot of money.

3.107 Could all of it come from Epstein?

👉Ghislaine appeared to learn a lot just from being around her father; she allegedly thought quickly enough to have her father’s documents shredded after he died.

👉And she subsequently denied the accusations without blinking an eye.

3.108 Did Mossad recruit her as well after her father died—or even before he died?

🕵️‍♀️Could she have followed in his footsteps?

3.109 It’s possible, but it’s also possible that the Epstein scandal could have interfered with this, but it also could be the reason why she has emerged practically unscathed.

3.110 The Times reported stories of “meetings with Fidel Castro, and of course, the mixings with royalty including a sojourn with Epstein at Sandringham [mentioned earlier].” 

3.111 There are many overlaps between Epstein, Ghislaine and Donald Trump as well. When contacted, Trump’s lawyer, Alan Garten told VICE News that Trump had “no relationship” with Epstein, however,... 

3.112...this was contradicted by an Epstein profile in New York Magazine in 2002 that said he’d known Epstein for 15 years and he was a “terrific guy.” (See Part 1)

🖼️Photo: Arnaldo Magnani, Gamma Liaison via @vicenews; Ghislaine with Trump in 1997.

3.113 Vice News also obtained 8 phone messages that Donald Trump left for Jeffrey Epstein in 2004 and accounts that Trump had dined at Epstein’s Upper East Side home in 2003.

3.114 Epstein and Maxwell were also repeat guests at Mar-a-Lago—this is where then Virginia Roberts met Maxwell.

🌴And the Palm Beach Post reported that Prince Andrew, Epstein, Maxwell and Trump all attended a celebrity tennis tournament at Mar-a-Lago in 2000.

3.115 Trump attorney Garten also told VICE News that he had no relationship with Ghislaine, despite the fact that she had been known to go to Mar-a-Lago.

🖼️But there was photographic evidence of he and Ghislaine in New York City in 1997 & the tennis tournament.

(Photo: 3.112)

3.166 In her declaration filed January 21, 2015 in U.S. District Court, the Southern District of FL, Virginia Giuffre claims that she met Ghislaine Maxwell in 1998 when she was 15 years old, working as a changing room asst. at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago country club & residence.

3.167 Giuffre claimed Maxwell recruited her by saying she could teach her to give Epstein professional massages. When Giuffre got to Epstein’s mansion, her father wasn’t allowed in.

3.168 Epstein was naked upstairs and both Epstein & Maxwell forced her into sexual activity with Epstein. She was paid $200.

3.169 Giuffre claimed that Epstein and Maxwell trained her over the course of a few weeks, both in New York & in Palm Beach to be in their words “everything a man wanted me to be.” She was trained not just to meet a man’s sexual needs, but to be compliant & keep her mouth shut.

3.170 Epstein & Maxwell asked her to pay special attention to details she learned from the men and to report back to them. Giuffre was afraid of Epstein & what he could do to her because she had witnessed a lot of activity that was illegal.

3.171 She was to look out for details so that he would “have something” on his “friends” and they would owe him favors—in other words, blackmail.

3.172 During a search of Epstein's Palm Beach house on October 20, 2005, the Palm Beach police found “most of Epstein’s computer hard drives, surveillance cameras and videos had been removed from the house, leaving loose, dangling wires, according to the police report” and...

3.173...“hidden cameras were found in the garage area and inside a clock on Epstein’s desk, alongside a girl’s high school transcript.” (See Part 1 for details)

🚔🚨Police search Jeffrey Epstein's Florida home via @MailOnline 

3.174 James Patterson also alleges that the police did find two secret camera hidden in clocks, but they knew where they were located because they installed them in 2004 when Epstein complained that a handyman had stolen a gun & $2,700 cash.

📕Via "Filthy Rich"

3.175 Epstein later told the police he had met with the handyman and he had agreed to pay back the money; then he invited the police to install the cameras but Epstein was the only one who had access to the footage.

📕Via James Patterson's "Filthy Rich"

3.176 Giuffre contends that Epstein “made” her have sex with Prince Andrew three times, including one orgy. One day when she was 17 years old, she was at Maxwell’s townhouse in London and Epstein told her she was going to meet a “major prince.”

3.177 After a night on the town, she was told the Prince wanted to see “more of” her. Epstein took a picture with Maxwell lurking in the background.

3.178 Giuffre also confirms in her declaration that Jean-Luc Brunel, the co-founder of MC2 Modeling Management, procured many foreign girls for Epstein, many from Eastern Europe.

3.179 Giuffre claims that Brunel “appeared to have an arrangement with the U.S. Government where he could get passports or other travel documents for young girls.”

3.180 Giuffre also states that Ghislaine Maxwell had sex with her when she was 15 at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion. She also saw Maxwell have sex with dozens of other underage girls. Maxwell photographed them and had “large amounts of child pornography that she personally made.”

3.181 Giuffre claimed Maxwell was “all about sex all the time,” “had sex with underage girls virtually every day” and that she was very “forceful.”

3.182 Between 1999 and the summer of 2002, Giuffre worked as Epstein’s “sex slave” in all of his homes.

She had sex with him and his friends and was paid.

She was roughly ages 15-18.

3.183 Also, recall that there were secret cameras set up in the Palm Beach house & the computer that recorded the video was missing from Epstein’s house when the police executed their search warrant.

No mention of videos seized by authorities when they arrested Epstein in July.

3.184 But if even part of this declaration by Virginia Giuffre is true, Ghislaine Maxwell was involved in human trafficking and several less severe crimes over a period of about 10 years.

👉The penalty for human trafficking in the United States is a maximum of 20 years.

3.185 Interestingly, on November 21, 2007—while Epstein’s lawyers and the U.S. Attorney’s office are still debating the non-prosecution agreement, in a story that must have been planted with the Palm Beach Daily News by Shannon Donnelly,...

3.186 Donnelly stated that Ghislaine Maxwell was “reportedly in town recently, looking to buy property—and one of the properties she looked at was Jeffrey Epstein’s.”

👉This was years after it was common knowledge that Epstein and Maxwell were living together.

3.187 The New York Times wrote an article in March of 2013 questioning Donnelly’s ethics in continually demanding exclusives from the residents. She was also accused of accepting gifts, money and free trips in return for her “sugarcoated coverage.” 

3.188 The Times also noted that Donald Trump is a big fan and he is quoted as saying, “She’s a good writer, she’s tough and fair…She has a lot of fans and a lot of friends.”

🖼️Photo: Lucien Capehart/Getty Images

3.189 From the beginning, Ghislaine denied the sex trafficking charges completely. Virginia Giuffre sued Ghislaine for defamation, alleging that Maxwell instructed her spokesman to call Giuffre a liar and to attack her credibility.

3.190 Maxwell’s lawyer’s tried to argue that she was not liable for the republication of her press release, but the judge denied this assertion. This cleared the way for the civil case to go to trial so Ghislaine settled with Roberts in May of 2017 before that occurred.

3.191 Giuffre’s attorneys said “we are happy to have settled this matter without the need for a trial and are pleased with the result.”

3.192 Perhaps most revealing is Giuffre’s recollection of an intimate conversation she had with Maxwell, some time between 1998-2002.

3.193 “I once asked Ghislaine why she got as many girls as she did for Jeffrey, as she supposedly had been his girlfriend and they seemed to have a grounded but non-monogamous relationship. She replied, ‘It takes the pressure off me to have sex with him.’"

3.194 Giuffre continued, “She said she’d hit hard times. She had no money to her name. She was disgraced. Jeffrey offered her a job and then, I guess, because of her ability to procure girls for him and to teach us what he liked, she became a vital asset to him...

3.195 Giuffre (cont'd):...The training she gave me was very thorough. It started on my first day at work following ‘the interview.’…Ghislaine herself had flings with men, including a famous Hollywood star. Jeffrey didn’t mind that. He was very good to her....

3.196 Giuffre (cont'd):...He bought her a house in New York, a house in London, a helicopter and a Mercedes convertible.”

🏘️The houses, however, are registered to various companies owned by Epstein, lawyers or family friends. 

3.197 To sum it all up, Ghislaine Maxwell’s “friend” is quoted as saying: “She’s never escaped her father’s shadow. And like him, she’s all about money; and like him, she’ll stop at nothing to make sure she has it.”

Part 4 next.

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