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My own apparently extremely unpopular opinion is that M. Williamson is, in the context of the primary, a mostly harmless goof that it's fine to joke about. The argument otherwise depends on some truly wild over- (or mis-)learning of the lessons of Trump.

The lesson of Trump is not that any old crazy celeb can wander into politics, say any old crazy shit, and succeed. The lesson of Trump is that racism & xenophobia are deeply woven into the American character and that appealing to THEM can boost a political outsider.

"Appeals to racism work, therefore appeals to crystal healing will work" is a very strange logical leap. She'll say a bunch more stuff, some weirdly insightful, some loopy & perverse, we'll have some laughs, and then she'll fade into obscurity alongside Swalwell, etc.

That said, I know everyone's on edge & this opinion will make me no friends, so I shan't articulate it again ... at least until she drops out and I sneak a told-you-so tweet in.

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