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Hey folks, so as you might have gathered, I'm not a fan of Epic Games.

That said, I absolutely do not like to see folks venting their ire at smaller developers who do take Epic's exclusivity deal. I've said before, I absolutely cannot blame any indie dev taking the deal.

So yes, I understand that it's disappointing when a game you were interested in goes exclusive, but there's really no benefit for being angry at the devs. It's probably better to wish them well and assure them you'll buy the game when it's available on your preferred platform.

I think this approach is probably the most productive. There's a number of currently Epic exclusive titles that are on my Steam wishlist that I'm looking to get when they get a release, such as Ashen. And I'm happy enough to wait out the exclusivity period.

And yes, things are a bit different if you've backed a game on Kickstarter that promised Steam/DRM free, and I can certainly see developers jeopardizing faith in crowdfunding by reneging on those commitments, but generally? Please be nice to the devs. Agression benefits nobody.

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