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If we get creative with the opportunities to exploit planet warming (for eg, invest in renewables in areas where ice is melting to generate hydropower, expand farming there, compact populations more for efficient renewable energy distribution etc) we can actually come out ahead.

2. If we migrated/resettled entire planet’s population in Europe/Russia (some of this is happening via migrant boats from Africa to Europe), we could eliminate CO2 emissions from transcontinental flights while reducing the distance fossil fuels have to travel from Middle East.

3. Compacting the planet’s population into Russia/Europe would mean that less energy (presently fossil fuels) would be used in the Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Africa and Australia to cool homes with air conditioning. This migration may inevitably happen within 150 years.

4. Much of how continents + countries were shaped and settled was before we understood about climate change patterns. Now computers can help model how and when we move populations. We’ll have to redesign the entire “circuit board” of the planet 🌏 🌍 🌎 to sustain the human race.

5. Russia, Middle East (including Iran) could provide 100% of this new “one-consolidated-world” continent’s energy needs, both in the form of fossil fuels and solar (Saudi Arabia alone can generate enough solar energy to power the entire planet).

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