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1) This is my Q thread for August 1, 2019

Q posts can be found here: 

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My Theme: August is a HOT Month

2) This morning, Q deleted all the placeholder posts from the /patriotsfight/ board.

The board is still operational but the catalog page is empty. 

3) There are no posts showing on the index page. 

4) Older posts on /patriotsfight/ dated prior to November of 2018 can be found here. 

5) I don't think there's any reason to be concerned.
The placeholder posts were guides to help us understand the issues that would become active at a future time.

6) Q said placeholder posts would begin populating in August.
Today is August 1st.

I believe Q will start replacing the placeholders with active posts.

7) Here are the placeholders from /patriotsfight/ prior to their removal today.

8) Q posted a link to an article about the DOJ's decision not to prosecute James Comey for leaking memos. 

9) People were disappointed to hear the news but Comey has more serious and more provable [slam dunk] charges to face in the future.

Public awareness (around the corner) comes with DECLASS

10) From the board.

11) Following the #Spygate drama is a roller coaster ride. I don't like it when news agencies hype stories for ratings. It causes unnecessary emotional stress but it is a part of the information war.

Learning to manage expectations is key to enjoying the ride.

12) Although a number of sources have reported that declassification of Spygate documents will happen this week, Q said Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats [C] must be removed before Declass [D] happens.

13) Coats will not leave his position until August 15th. 

14) Q seems to be reaffirming that Declass will come after Coats leaves.

The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT.
You have more than you know.

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