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The Trump admin. has announced preliminary plans that would allow Americans to import some lower cost prescription drugs from countries like Canada.

The move comes amid outcry over the growing costs of drugs in America.  https://nbcnews.to/2YgsNHH  (1/6)

Allie Marotta, 25, has Type I diabetes and must inject herself with insulin up to 14 times a day.

She is taking an extreme approach to high costs: drug rationing.

"If my doctor is saying I need 15, [the insurance company] is only letting me have five." (2/6)

The two-fold plan, which is far from finalized, asks state governments, drug wholesalers and pharmacies to submit proposals on how to import drugs safely, and proposes that the FDA work with drug companies to import their own drugs made in other countries. (3/6)

Insulin costs roughly 10 times less in Canada than in the US, where prices have nearly doubled in the past 5 years.

Some countries keep drug prices down by allowing governments to negotiate with manufacturers. US law prohibits Medicare from doing so  https://nbcnews.to/2YgsNHH  (4/6)

Trump's plan has been met with criticism from industry leaders. PhRMA CEO Stephen Ubl called it “dangerous” for Americans.

"There is no way to guarantee the safety of drugs that come into the country from outside the United States' gold-standard supply chain," he says. (5/6)

While Sec. Azar acknowledged hurdles to working with other countries and manufacturers, he insists safety is key to moving forward.

"This can be done. We’re open minded. We’re open for business.”  https://nbcnews.to/2YgsNHH  (6/6) #NBCNewsThreads

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