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HOLY CRAP! One of just three House Republicans who holds a Hillary Clinton district announced he won't run again in 2020. This is about the worst possible retirement for House Republicans

Retiring #TX23 Rep. Will Hurd is also one of many Republicans who owes his entire congressional career to gerrymandering, having barely won in 2014, 2016, & 2018 thanks to a racial gerrymander that SCOTUS let the GOP get away with

Texas could be a bloodbath for Republicans in 2020. Democrats could flip several more House seats, there's a 2020 Senate election, four critical state Supreme Court elections, & Democrats could flip the state House in time to stop a post-2020 GOP congressional gerrymander

Expanding on the second tweet in this thread, GOP Rep. Will Hurd never would have won #TX23 to begin with absent the GOP's racial gerrymandering. Under a nonpartisan map like this one, higher Latino voting power makes #TX23 considerably more Democratic 

With Texas GOP Reps. Will Hurd & Pete Olson both shockingly announcing their retirements within about the last week, 2 of the last 4 House Republicans who represent districts where a majority of eligible voters are people of color are calling it quits 

The remaining two Republicans who represent districts where people of color are a majority of eligible voters are #FL25's Mario Diaz-Balart & #TX27's Michael Cloud (although the latter's district likely has a white majority among actual voters) 

95% of House Republicans are white, & 89% are white men. With retirements like Will Hurd, the only black House Republican, that's unlikely to change in 2020. Meanwhile, House Dems are just 36% white men 

This. Don't expect retiring GOP Rep. Will Hurd to suddenly see the light, Justin Amash-style

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