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1) Yahoo News published an article by @janawinter casting the Qanon conspiracy in a negative light based on what they claim is an FBI Intelligence Bulletin written by the Phoenix Field Office in May of 2019 which has only recently been released. 

2) You can find more than a dozen mainstream media articles echoing Yahoo's talking points. All the articles reference the Yahoo article and its mention of the FBI bulletin.

Yahoo did a thread which is a cut and paste version of the article. 👇

3) It seems reasonable to ask who the source was that provided the bulletin to Yahoo.

All the MSM articles that included the bulletin, linked to a SCRIBD document uploaded by Kelli R Grant. 

4) Kelli Grant has uploaded other documents including some that were made available through the @FBIRecordsVault like this one on Bigfoot: 

Grant's copy on SCRIBD: 

5) Normally, the FBI releases declassified documents for public dissemination through its @FBIRecordsVault account. Grant obviously knows that.

But that was not how this document came to light. I searched the FBI Records Vault going back 1 year and did not find the bulletin.

6) If it wasn't from the FBI Records Vault, how did Grant obtain the Intelligence bulletin?

None of the articles explain where the bulletin came from.

7) Did the FBI choose to release a bulletin to a private individual instead of through its verified Twitter account or a public source where it could be independently verified?

8) If @janawinter would like to answer this question, I'm sure many people would appreciate knowing where the document came from.

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