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"While everyone was waiting for Magic Leap, Microsoft’s HoloLens, or some other miraculous headset, Snap inceptioned AR upon the populace with silly face filter “Lenses” on the device you already had."  https://www.fastcompany.com/90382260/snaps-secret-weapon-speaks 

"[We're] on this journey w/ our users [during this] expansionary period. Most of the Lenses we see help you express yourself, or be creative... But increasingly, they’re about experiencing the world itself, or interacting w/ the world in which the sharing of it becomes secondary"

"If you think of the face right now as the most mature, robust input to an AR experience that exists in the world, then one of our missions is to turn everything else in the world into an equivalently understandable UX... A categorical, or incremental, way has been our approach"

"We have this long-term vision that computing overlays onto the world & this idea that applications [move] into the spatial & 3D space... Our Snap Labs team that builds Spectacles is a big part of our goal. The different iterations of Spectacles are [pushing] us along this path."

Excited to see Snap finally putting the pieces together for everyone and discussing their long-term vision and goals for Spectacles. Long before ground truth and immersion, we're going to see a number of incredible products brought to life by Spectacles

A lot has changed since Spectacles first landed. The spatial computing world inches closer — it all feels so close. The looks we experienced on those first days of Apple Watch and AirPods have vanished. The adoption exploded and we barely noticed or cared.

That user journey Murphy talks about for Spectacles is so important. AirPods never arrived as a fundamentally new paradigm — it was a 15 yr cultural journey. It will take time to discover and adopt the power of spatial computing, and the clock only starts when you hit the ground.

The companies doing this today are in China. The hardware and experiences aren't ready — but they're on the ground, and the smart glasses are already disappearing into the background. We can't afford to lose this one.

Snap is our frontrunner, and I can't wait to see what they're building. I think we can count one of their milestones complete ✅

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