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The 1923 boundary between British Mandatory Palestine and the French Mandate of Syria was drawn with water in mind. Accordingly, all of the Sea of Galilee, including a 10-meter wide strip of beach along its northeastern shore, would stay inside Mandatory Palestine.

2. During the Arab-Israeli War, Syria captured various areas of the formerly British controlled Mandatory Palestine, including the 10-meter strip of beach, the east bank of the upper Jordan, as well as areas along the Yarmouk.

3. While negotiating 1949 Armistice Agreements, Israel called for removal of all Syrian forces from the former Palestine territory. Syria refused, insisting on an armistice line based not on 1923 international border but on the military status quo, position Israel now adopts.

4. The result was a compromise. Under the terms of an armistice signed in 1949, Syrian forces were to withdraw east of the old Palestine-Syria boundary. Israeli forces were to refrain from entering the evacuated areas, which would become a demilitarised zone.

5. Following the armistice, both Israel and Syria sought to take advantage of territorial ambiguities from 1949 agreement, resulting in an evolving tactical situation, one "snapshot" of which was disposition of forces immediately prior to Six-Day War, the "line of June 4, 1967".

6. The international community, with the exception of the US, considers the Golan to be Syrian territory held under Israeli occupation. If Israel were to extract/export any oil from the Golan, some countries could refuse to buy such oil but US acceptance could sway others.

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