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New York has a nonpartisan congressional map, but I've been trying to draw a better one. Using the actual downstate districts & Common Cause's proposed upstate map as a starting point, here's what I have so far. No cities/townships are split north of NYC 

The only major partisan impact is in the upstate districts (districts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 11 keep roughly the same partisanship), but I'm curious how people would draw the four divided NYC boroughs. Keeping #NY07 plurality Latino seems to unavoidably make it & #NY10 very snake-like ...

Something I like about this alternate version of NYC is that #NY14 & #NY16 become much less white, turning 14 majority Latino. 16 becomes much closer to a black-Latino coalition district. Both seats have had white incumbents most of this decade. #NY06 also becomes plurality Asian

Many have criticized #NY07 & #NY10 for combining far-flung communities, so I was curious what it'd look like if one didn't do that (by violating VRA §5?). This map turns #NY07 from predominantly Latino to majority-white. My preliminary numbers have it barely voting Obama-Clinton

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