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Again, the FBI failed all of us. "The first reply to the posting was 'hello FBI.' Law enforcement was analyzing the document before the shooting began but were unable to verify the author’s identity or potential target in advance."  https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/investigators-reasonably-confident-texas-suspect-left-anti-immigrant-screed-tipped-n1039031 

"One month after the Christchurch shooter, a copycat who killed one person at a San Diego synagogue, also left a note on 4chan. Last Saturday, a 19-year-old California man who left 3 dead at a Gilroy, California, garlic festival before killing himself left a note on Instagram"

Prior to the San Diego shooting, a random user saw the 8chan post 5 minutes after it was posted, tweeted it out asking for help by 11:00am, & was off the phone — after being on hold — by 11:15am. The shooter entered a synagogue at 11:23am. 23 min warning.

As much as we see a trail of hate, anti-semitism, and shootings leading back to 8chan, we're seeing a trail of neglect, and gross incompetence. Not only are the communities, and the threats they represent, public — but the warnings are too. The FBI usually isn't watching.

We've all kind of just accepted the mass surveillance in the post-9/11 and DHS world. Snowden was just a blip on our radar. And many of you won't even remember this tweet from last year. It's real.

We cannot accept that our data is not also being used to protect us. The FBI only acknowledged QAnon and internet conspiracies for the first time this week, years after the violence started. They're failing us — while the very real threats and groups grow.

We're on the cusp of new protocols that will make websites like 8chan and Gab unstoppable. The groups will grow in the dark. The deplatforming and economic tools won't matter. There will soon be no trail in their aftermath. We already saw the Discords. We won't see the next ones.

These technologies present more good than they do bad. But embracing them requires a government competency in gauging their power in weaponization. We're just not there today, & every indication we hear from the FBI paints a darker picture. The brain rot is real, & it's worsening

They're watching this, and laughing — and in that, they're winning.

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